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Spokane Arts seeks artists to develop memorial honoring fallen heroes

Spokane Arts seeks artists to develop memorial honoring fallen heroes

Spokane Arts Fund, in partnership with the Gold Star Families, the City of Spokane, and the Spokane Public Facilities District seeks an artist, or artist team residing in Washington and Idaho, to develop a memorial honoring fallen heroes that have served post- 9/11.


The memorial will be sited on the south side of the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. The selected artist or artist team will work with Spokane Arts Fund, The Spokane Public Facilities District staff, and the representatives from the Gold Star Families from design through construction of the project. During the design phase, representatives from the Gold Star Families will heavily inform the process.


The artist will work with Spokane Arts Fund, the Gold Star Families and the Spokane Public Facilities District to develop a permanent public art memorial for the Spokane Arena. The desired artistic approach will create a sculptural plaza that suggests a place where people will gather for a variety of observances and events. The artwork should represent and be inclusive of all Armed Services with particular attention to post 9/11 fallen heroes.

University of Idaho accepting submissions for "F-Word" Poetry Slam

University of Idaho accepting submissions for "F-Word" Poetry Slam

The University of Idaho Women's Center is currently seeking submissions for the “F-Word” Live Poetry Slam in early November.

This event is meant to showcase spoken word and visual art pieces. The slam and exhibit are open to poets and artists of all skill levels, abilities and genders.

To submit visual pieces, email a photo of your piece to bekahm@uidaho.edu. To submit spoken word pieces, visit this link here. The deadline to submit is October 17, and artists who are chosen will be notified by Monday, October 27.

“F-Word” Live was created to form a space in which anyone can express their feelings and experiences related to the “other f-word” - namely, feminism. “F-word” Live is a safe space for all to showcase spoken word and visual art pieces or to come and watch as others perform.

There is no charge to perform in this event. The event is free to all students with a valid student ID. General admission for non students is $5.

Sue the T-Rex takes over Mobius Science Museum

Sue the T-Rex takes over Mobius Science Museum

Few things will ever be as cool or awe-inspiring as dinosaurs, and today is the first day you can meet one up close and personal at Mobius Science Museum. Not just any dinosaur either, but Sue – the largest and most complete fossil of a T-Rex ever discovered.

Sue's trip to Spokane began as a whirlwind affair, with an empty stretch in her schedule the options were to either be shipped back to Chicago for storage or find a museum who would be willing to take her.

“Sue is what we call, in the business, a last minute booking,” said Mobius CEO Phil Lindsey. “Some of our board members had been reaching out to the Field Museum in Chicago about her availability and we reached a point where we thought we were going to be able to get her out here. From the booking to the shipping, everything was about six weeks.”

Perseid meteor shower Star Party tonight

Perseid meteor shower Star Party tonight

If the storm clouds clear we'll be in for an incredible show from the stars tonight, and the Nez Perce National Historical Park wants to make sure you get the most out of it.

Ranger Kevin Peters and Lewis-Clark State College Professor Emeritus Dr. Victor Kriss will hose a Perseid meteor shower Start Party tonight, August 12, at the park in Spalding.

Starting at 8:00 pm at the visitor center, Kriss will talk about the meteor shower and its origin, and Peters will talk about the influence of stars in the Nez Perce culture.

As the sky darkens, everyone will be invited to go outside and view the shooting stars. Participants are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on, and something warm to wear.

The actual peak of the meteor shower will be at about midnight, but a bright moon will interfere with the best watching. However, the meteors at around 9 or 10 pm should be long, spectacular shooting stars – about one every five minutes.

Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams

About three months after my heart attack. I was asked the go and introduce Robin Williams at the Fox when he came to town. I got there an hour early because I wanted to make sure that everything went well. After meeting David Steinberg he asked if I would you like to meet Robin. Of course, I said.

We went to Robin Williams room made introductions, some small talk. I told him that I had spent time growing up in Denver, Colorado and also in Boulder, where the Mork and Mindy house was. He explained how the owner of the house had sued the production company  several times never really winning because as the show became so popular. People come by it at all hours screaming for Mork or Mindy to come out.

I talked about how the food in his room was heart healthy and he said he had open heart surgery sometime before that and was trying to eat healthy. I said I had a heart attack and I died and he immediately shot back " show off !".

David said let's go back to my room and go over  the script .

Local game designer looking for success with Kingdoms in Peril

If you're a board game enthusiast who's always on the lookout for a new addition, you may want to check out local Spokane designer Thomas Kaufman and his fast-paced, highly competitive card game Kingdoms in Peril.

I had the chance to sit down and learn Kingdoms recently, and picked it up almost immediately. Set in the ancient middle east (the cards themselves designed with historical carvings from 700 BC, featured in the British museum), each player builds their own kingdom of villages and towns with their capital as the crowning jewel.

Once set-up is complete, players then go to work building a hand of cards that houses their armies, equipment and defensive tactics before turning on each other in an ancient battle royal. To the victor go the spoils, and with a two-hour time limit the winner is declared by either a tally of points (each village, town and city has a numbered value when captured) or when one kingdom emerges victorious.

LCSC announces summer concert series

LCSC announces summer concert series

From LCSC:

Lewis-Clark State College is once again offering a series of free summer concerts, with the public welcome to attend.