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Lewiston singer lands private audition for The Voice | Arts & Culture

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Lewiston singer lands private audition for The Voice
Lewiston singer lands private audition for The Voice

Music has been a part of Chad Bramlet's life since he can remember. And now, music is taking him all the way to a private audition for the Emmy Award-winning television show, "The Voice." The 33-year-old Lewiston man says he is officially scheduled for the audition on June 22nd.

Bramlet says as a young boy, he would sit in his room and listen to Casey Kasem countdown the Top 40 songs of the week and found that he could memorize and sing along rather quickly. "When I was in the 6th grade I started traveling with my dad to his speaking engagements and singing on stage in front of kids my own age during various drug awareness seminars. I continued to fall in love with singing in high school as I was fortunate to be a part of various concert choirs and compete in state solo competitions and talent contests." Bramlet's dad is Brad Bramlet, Pastor at New Bridges Community Church.

At the age of 20, Bramlet joined his first rock band called Rumblefish in the Lewis-Clark Valley and began writing his own music. But he found it difficult to communicate with the other band members about the music he was hearing in his head because of the fact he could not play guitar.

"A couple of years ago while I was living in Portland, Oregon, I was given a guitar by a close friend of mine and began the slow and tedious process of teaching myself how to play. I found the writing process much easier once I was able to play basic chord progressions and had more than enough life experience through some recent trials and tribulations to draw from conceptually," Bramlet says.

In February, Bramlet completed his first solo album, "This Side of Time," which he says is very much a window into his personal struggle with drugs and alcohol. "I have been blessed and encouraged by the outpouring of support and encouragement as a result of that project. The beginning of next month marks a new chapter in my music career as I gear up to make my first trip to Nashville to begin recording my second album."

After much prayer and careful weighing of options, Bramlet and his wife Alicia recently decided to give music a try full-time beginning at the end of this month. They have been in contact with some of the producers of The Voice and are set to travel to Denver shortly following their Nashville trip to participate in the formal audition.

"I can’t help but feel blessed and excited about the idea of taking the music that I love so much to the next level and hope to continue to grow and learn as a result of these wonderful opportunities," Bramlet says.

Bramlet was contacted by "The Voice" casting officials yesterday and they informed him they wanted to schedule him for a private invite-only audition after they listened to his music. "They said they loved my sound. So now we are basically skipping the open call and going right for a private audition! Pretty exciting!"

"I have been amazed and so thankful for what God has been doing in our lives these past few months to prepare and move us into directions we never dreamed of," Bramlet adds.

You can find links to downloads and buy Bramlet's first album at: www.chadbramlet.com .

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