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Community comes together to replace stolen bike | Business

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Community comes together to replace stolen bike
Community comes together to replace stolen bike

It started with a Craigslist ad about a Lewiston girl's bicycle being stolen and it ended with community members coming together to buy the 12-year-old a new bike. Friday morning, Jane Harrington saw the ad that was posted by the girl's mother about how someone had stolen her daughter's only Christmas present, a 26" Kent La Jolla Cruiser Women's Bike, from their home in the 1000 block of 19th Street.

"My daughter got a bike for Christmas, only a bike, she didn't get anything else, it has been a hard year for me and her father, she got to ride it 3 times, and somebody came into our backyard and stole it," the ad stated, adding that "My daughter is really upset over it, it was a very nice bike, and she liked the freedom it gave her, she is a 12 year old girl who is trying to come into her own...please please please keep a look out for it." The family had been gone for about two hours visiting their grandma's house and when they came back home, Abigail's bike was gone.

Harrington posted the information, along with a picture of the bike, on the LC Valley Reviews Facebook page. "I can't believe the nerve of people in this valley," she said. Immediately, community members began to respond.

The Lewiston woman's husband, Shane Harrington, suggested they start a collection for a replacement because they were both shocked that someone would steal a child's bike. "It took on a life of its own and next thing you know Follett's was involved with an even better bike. Jim Cook contacted Shane and suggested Follett's and getting a better bike. This whole thing happened in less than a 24 hour period," Harrington says.

Shane had stopped by the home where the bike was stolen from and shared with Abigail's mother, Kassandra Brown, what the community was trying to do for her daughter. "Tears started to well up in her eyes. She couldn't believe that anyone would go to this kind of trouble for them. She had no idea people would care. I'm so glad we are pulling together to help her. If people just lived a life of helping others think how nice it would be," he posted.

Follett's Mountain Sports discounted the new bike for Abigail. "The stolen one was from Walmart and it was around $95.00. The sale price was $400.00 and a lock was added along with a water bottle. The bike discounted. Byron Simmons paid for the bike lock," Jane says.

"I just wish we could do more if they need anything else. It just feels so awesome to give," Jane added. Abigail was presented the bike at 3:30 Saturday afternoon.


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