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Idaho crop duster featured in Ford campaign | Business

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Idaho crop duster featured in Ford campaign
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Idaho crop duster featured in Ford campaign

Ford Motor Company recently profiled an Idaho businessman and his helicopter crop dusting and pasture weed spraying business in an article and video on their national website.

31-year-old Morgan Lohman of Kendrick owns Lohman Helicopter and uses Ford Super Duty trucks to get his operation to each job site. A writer and video crew accompanied him last fall while he flew for Idaho Fish and Game and the Idaho Department of Lands projects in the rugged canyons of north-central Idaho.

"Ford wanted to do it much earlier last year, buy it was important to me to get Ford to come to Idaho and see our state and local communities. I wanted to get some recognition to the area. It was also important to me to put a "positive" spin on the use of pesticides agriculture, forestry and range management," Lohman says.

This is the second time Ford has featured Lohman. "The year before, Ford flew me and a guest (Travis Knox - Knox Concrete) to San Francisco, California to do a commercial with Mike Rowe," he says.

Lohman had wanted to fly helicopters since he was a boy and became serious about saving for a helicopter when he was about 12-years-old.

"Saving FFA fair money, cash from $5/hr fence building jobs and haying jobs in the summers. I worked for whoever, whenever growing up to save money. I drove old beater cars...1976 Chevy Love, to a 1989 Honda Accord...did whatever it took to live frugal. My parents helped keep me disciplined and my eye on the prize, my mom Christine especially - could not have done it without her encouragement," Lohman says.

Lohman Helicopters works with farmers, cattlemen, and timber owners.

"These folks are stewards of the land. When we do aerial applications, we are applying products help make crops healthier, range-land more viable and forests thicker. We are providing a good service, caring for the environment, and helping our customers keep their farms and forests sustainable for generations to come. Lohman Helicopters offers customers a low, slow, accurate aerial applications," Lohman says.

You can view Lohman's story at www.myfordmag.com/seedo/chopper-support .

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