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Regence announces lay offs | Business

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Regence announces lay offs
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Regence announces lay offs

Regence announced today that it is laying off 55 employees in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah - including about 13 employees at its Lewiston office.

The layoffs will take place over the coming months and will affect employees who work in processing or claims. The company is contracting with New Jersey-based Cognizant Technology Solutions to handle the claims processing and certain membership duties, according to Director of Public Relations Regena Frieden.
“Regence is committed to providing our members superior service and world-class quality at a competitive cost." She says this decision saves Regence millions of dollars and improves quality, efficiency, and service for its members.

Frieden says they do not take this decision lightly because of the effect it has on their employees. "We are taking great care to provide affected employees advance notice, severance packages, and assistance with reemployment. The new health care landscape offers challenges and opportunities requiring investing in some areas and reducing investments in others."

"New technologies, processes, and partnerships have helped us drive efficiencies in the past and will continue to do so. Our focus is on our core competencies of providing our members quality health outcomes and superior customer service at an economically sustainable cost,” Frieden adds.

Business, News

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