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Asotin sees increase in phone and computer scams | Crime

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Asotin sees increase in phone and computer scams
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Asotin sees increase in phone and computer scams

From the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office:

The Asotin County Sheriff’s Office has experienced a significant increase in the number of Fraud and Scam reports in the past two weeks.

Citizens have reported a wide range of computer and phone scams which include a caller identifying themselves as being with Microsoft Technical Support and warning that the potential victim’s computer has been the target of a cyber-attack. The caller requests the potential victim go online and follow a link which allows the caller to remotely take over the computer with a promise of stopping the attack.

Other calls involve a caller claiming to be with a department store and informing the potential victim they are eligible for a gift card and request credit card information to pay the handling fee. Callers also claim to be a relative stranded overseas in need of financial assistance or claim to be with a law enforcement agency and claims a family member of the potential victim has been arrested and is in need of bail money to be released.

The computer scams include a pop up occurring on the victim’s computer which indicates the computer has been encrypted or has been seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and a fee of $300.00 is required to release the computer. These types of scams are the result of a virus or other type of malware being loaded on the computer either through a website visit or e-mail.

The Sheriff’s Office is reminding citizens to take steps to protect their personal and financial information and to report scams and fraud to their local law enforcement. Additional information on protecting yourself and fraud can be found at www.stopfraud.gov or by contacting Captain Dan Hally of the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office at 509-243-4717.

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