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Lewiston Police battle new street drug | Health

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Lewiston Police battle new street drug
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The Lewiston Police Department is warning the public of a new synthetic drug that has hit the Lewis-Clark Valley. According to a news release, there has been an increase in the sales and use of a drug known as 2C-C-Nbome, or an analogue of that substance, over the last several months. The drug is marketed as a mimic to “acid” or “LSD.”

From LPD:
Common street names for the substance are “N-bomb” or “Smiles”. Locally the drug may be referred to as “Wiz” or “Wizard Piss”. This synthetic drug has similar effects to a hallucinogen or the drug LSD and can last for several hours. The user may have visual or auditory hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. The user may also experience terrorizing hallucinations. Subjects experiencing an overdose may have a violent episode and/or seizure activity. Overdoses have led to hospitalizations across the country and are believed to be the cause of some deaths. 

Clandestine manufacturers purchase 2C-C-Nbome in a powder form and then transform it to a liquid. This liquid is then soaked into “blotter paper”. The manufacturer has no way to accurately measure the dosage that is soaked into the paper, making overdoses common. The paper is then placed inside the user’s mouth and absorbed into the body. Other forms of use may be smoking or snorting the powdered drug. In several cases the users of this drug are younger adults and teens. The drug is sold for $5-10 per ¼ inch square of blotter paper. Parents are encouraged to be alert for strange or unusual behavior in their teens, especially hallucinations or violent episodes. Also, be on the lookout for unusual powders or small paper squares that may be used to ingest the substance.

This drug is very new and currently there are no state laws that specifically list it as a controlled substance. If you have any information about this drug contact Cpl. Jason Leavitt at the Lewiston Police Department (208)746-0171.

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