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Police investigating Wrangler Bar shooting in Lewiston

Police investigating Wrangler Bar shooting in Lewiston


Lewiston Police officers responded to a shooting at Wrangler Bar at approximately 10:53 p.m. Thursday. It was reported that one person had been shot. When officers arrived they determined an adult male was suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the stomach or chest area. According to police, the subject was being assisted by fellow bar patrons.


As soon as the scene was determined to be safe, Lewiston Fire Department Medics were summoned to the scene. The medics immediately transported the victim, identified as 49-year-old Benjamin F. Phares Jr. of Lewiston, to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center for treatment. The suspect remained on scene and was immediately contacted by officers inside the bar.


Lewiston police investigate shooting in Wrangler Bar

Lewiston police have arrested a man for shooting another man inside the Wrangler Bar. 

Police were called to the bar around 11 p.m. Thursday for reports of a shooting. Inside, they found a man who had been shot with a small caliber pistol. The other man involved was still on scene and taken into custody for further questioning. 

Police are now reviewing cell phone footage captured of the incident by someone who was in the bar at the time. 

Hoopfest 2015 registration is now open

Hoopfest 2015 registration is now open


Registration for the world's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament is now live!


Entry forms for Spokane Hoopfest 2015 are available online at register.spokanehoopfest.net. Hard-copy entry forms are also available at any Bruchi's Cheesesteaks and Subs or Yokes Fresh Market northwest locations. 


This year Hoopfest will celebrate its 26th year as a Spokane institution. Every year the tournament brings approximately 28,000 players and 225,000 spectators to the streets of downtown Spokane.


Registration to the tournament is guaranteed to teams that register prior to May 11th. Forms and entries to those who register late are only granted based on space availability with an additional $20 late fee through May 25th. Nonetheless, Hoopfest organizers recommend playing it safe by registering early.


Overdue subjects in Clearwater County found safe and in good health


Two subjects who were reported missing in Clearwater County were found to be safe and in good health Saturday afternoon.


On Saturday, the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office was notified at 10:36 a.m. of two overdue subjects that had left Orofino on Friday, March 13th at 12:00 p.m. that planned to go to the Beaver Creek area, and then return home. 


Clearwater County Search and Rescue teams were sent to the area, and located the subjects with they vehicle stuck in the snow on the back side of French Mountain at 1:30 a.m. Both subjects, Russell Gilmore, 42, and Noah Gilmore,


17, or Orofino were found to be in good health.


Friends and family where contacted to assist the subjects with getting their vehicle out.

State Senate votes to extend ban on cell phone use while driving

State Senate votes to extend ban on cell phone use while driving

The Washington Senate has voted to extend the state's ban on cell phone use while driving to cover the range of functions a smartphone can now serve.

In a 35-14 vote Tuesday, Senators sent to the House a bill that would update legislation written in 2008 that bans hand-held phone calls and texting while driving. Since then, mobile platforms for Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of other social networking and video game uses have gained millions of users. Under existing law, they're legal for drivers to use while behind the wheel, despite being distracting.

Kamiah bomb threat sends high school students and staff home for the day

Kamiah bomb threat sends high school students and staff home for the day


Students and staff at Kamiah High School were released from school Tuesday due to a bomb threat left on the school's voicemail.


At approximately 7:30 a.m. staff at Kamiah High School found a voicemail stating there was a bomb in the high school library. Students and staff were immediately evacuated from the building, and the Kamiah Marshal's Office responded to the scene by 7:45 a.m.


At the scene, the Marshal's Office and the Kamiah Fire Department established a joint incident command center at the scene. According to Kamiah Marshal, J.M. Newman, law enforcement officers from four different agencies searched the school; no bomb or suspicious devices were found.


The Kamiah Marshal's Office is continuing to investigate the incident.


Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds

Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds


At least 39 Washingtonians have reported getting ill from Salmonella bacteria after coming in contact with live poultry in the past three years, according to reports reviewed by disease investigators at the state’s Department of Health. These 39 cases were associated with three separate national Salmonella outbreaks that caused more than 1,200 people to get sick. Contact with live poultry may also have contributed to more than 100 other cases of salmonellosis in our state in the past three years that weren’t associated with any known outbreak.


Spring is the season when many people who have chickens or ducks in backyard flocks buy baby birds. From the time the baby birds arrive at home, children should be supervised carefully to make sure they wash their hands immediately after touching the animals or their environments. Another prevention step is to make sure children don’t snuggle or kiss the young poultry.