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Man threatens to blow up retail store over shoe return | News

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Man threatens to blow up retail store over shoe return
Man threatens to blow up retail store over shoe return

A 46-year-old Lewiston man was trespassed from the Ross store in the 2600 block of Nez Perce Drive after witnesses said he allegedly threatened to blow up the store because he was unhappy that employees would not allow him to return a pair of boots.

According to the Lewiston Police Department, at about 11:08 am Friday, they received at least three 911 calls about Shane Harrington's behavior and responded to the scene. Officers briefly detained him outside of the store as they investigated the incident. Harrington was cooperative with officers.

Harrington indicated that he had attempted to exchange a pair of boots that he had recently purchased from Ross because he said they were defective. "According to Harrington, when he attempted to exchange the boots without a receipt, staff members refused. Harrington said when he left the store, he did state, "I'm gonna blow this place up on the web." Harrington indicated he was going to use social media in regards to the customer service and policies of the Ross store," the press release states. While officers were on scene, Harrington did call out to several customers encouraging them not to shop at Ross.

Witnesses on scene indicated that Harrington was extremely loud and appeared angry, with at least one witness saying that Harrington had in fact threatened to blow up the store. "Another witness contacted said that Harrington's behavior was so frightening that she entered the store and went directly to an emergency exit located inside the store," according to LPD.

One witness, Misti Bergman of Stites, says her trip to Ross today was "more eventful than I wanted." She says she was finishing her shopping and went up to the checkout, but they told her it was going to be a little while because the store was in a lockdown. "I was like,'what? What do you mean lockdown?! I was thinking oh my gosh we're in lockdown and this place is going to blow up and I want to get out."

"He was out there screaming and yelling and telling everyone don't buy shoes there, and this and that, and making phone calls like every other minute," Bergman adds. She says police arrived and had their guns pointed at Harrington, put him in handcuffs, and he continued to scream and yell for a while.

Harrington was issued a twelve-month trespass order prohibiting Harrington from Ross property. In addition, he was issued a misdemeanor summons for disturbing the peace, signed against him by one of the staff members of Ross who had witnessed the incident. Harrington was released from the scene.

Harrington returned to the area later Friday afternoon with a sign warning shoppers not to patron Ross.

If you are a potential witness contact LPD Ofc. Chris Reese at 208-746-0171.



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