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Lapwai dog attack leads to animal control changes | News

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Lapwai dog attack leads to animal control changes
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Lapwai dog attack leads to animal control changes

A vicious dog attack in Lapwai that resulted in the death of a dog earlier this month will effect some changes in the animal control rules. Nez Perce Tribal Police Chief David Rogers says the attack was so severe that they decided to make it a criminal case and seize the aggressive dog.

"We have put the info with the prosecutor and will charge the owner. Once the owner has been charged I can reveal their name," he told BCNC last week. "This incident has caused the need for immediate review and changes regarding the dog issue in Lapwai."

Rogers says the town of Lapwai does not have animal control; the Tribe has a dog commission but it only has civil penalties at this time.

Gordie, a 10-year-old Shepherd mix, was attacked on January 3rd by a Pit Bull while on his own property, according to his owner, Rolawna De La Cruz.

"The neighbor dog ripped him up good and drug him to a stairwell to finish him off," according to a witness who says a neighbor stopped the fight, but Gordie died a few days later.

De La Cruz says Gordie was attacked five times in the past three years - the last two from the same dog, and the only two that required veterinary care. "He just healed up from the last attack...in time for the fatal one. He never fought back, even though he was bigger than the dog, and the other dog didn't have a single scratch on him."

Meanwhile, Gordie's family has incurred mounting veterinarian bills due to the attacks. A fundraising page has been set up to help pay those bills at the Lewiston Veterinary Clinic.

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