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Clarkston Schools superintendent addresses bus safety | Schools

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Clarkston Schools superintendent addresses bus safety

Official Press release from the Clarkston School District: 

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston School District Superintendent, Mr. Darcy Weisner, recently addressed a concern from a parent regarding an incident that took place on a district bus in October of 2012.

On rare occasions, bus drivers might become incapacitated at the wheel; therefore, requiring children to safely bring the bus to a stop.  Although these occurrences are rare, school districts train children to safely stop buses.  To date, no such occurrence has taken place in the Clarkston School District.  Nonetheless, the Clarkston School District has installed yellow buttons on the dash board of all school buses that will engage the brakes to bring the bus to a stop in an emergency.  

A Clarkston district bus driver chose to have two students demonstrate this feature during a bus ride in October.  The District reviewed the matter in the fall and determined that, while no students were injured, proper training and procedures were not followed.  Appropriate personnel action was taken to address the situation, consistent with District Policy and the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

The Clarkston School District regularly completes bus safety drills and evacuations in accordance with the law.  Students will be trained on the proper use of the new safety buttons in the future, following District safety procedures.

Questions or concerns regarding this matter may be addressed to Superintendent Weisner at 509.758.2531.


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