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Washington State Patrol uses latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident


The Washington State Patrol released their newest edition of their Good to Know video series (view above), which features detectives using the latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident, ensuring driver and officer safety.


According to the WSP, the Trimble Laser Scanner does the work traditionally done by detectives, but in about half the time and with only one operator. The machine scans items at the scene in order to recreate a 3-D version of the surrounding area which helps investigators determine the cause of the collision.


WSP uses the Trimble to reduce road closure time while still conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. The device can also be used at other types of crimes such as homicides, to document the location of important evidence.


Safe holiday driving tips from Idaho State Police

Safe holiday driving tips from Idaho State Police

From the Idaho State Police:

Memorial Day weekend is not only a time to reflect and honor our veterans, but also a time when many Idahoans take to the road to enjoy the unofficial kick-off of summer.   During Memorial Day weekend in 2013, there were 137 crashes on Idaho roads with 79 people injured and 2 fatalities.  The Idaho State Police offer some safety reminders to drivers to ensure that this holiday is safe for everybody on the road.  

Washington deadline to remove studded tires

Washington deadline to remove studded tires

Monday is the deadline for drivers to remove studded tires.

Drivers with studded tires after Monday could get a $124 ticket.

The Transportation Department wants studded tires off the road because they cause highway ruts and damage bridge decks.

No serious injuries in Riggins school bus crash

No serious injuries in Riggins school bus crash

There were no serious injuries Thursday afternoon when a Salmon River Joint School District #243 bus rolled on Seven Devils Road southwest of Riggins.

According to the Idaho State Police, there were seven children on the bus at the time. One child was transported to the hospital with a scalp laceration, while the others received bumps and bruises, and the driver was uninjured, a witness states.

Rock slide blocks Hwy 12

Rock slide blocks Hwy 12

A rockslide has reduced Hwy 12 at milepost 22 to one lane reports Big Country News Connection.

The slide occurred just after 11 am, and no injuries have been reported. Flaggers are on scene directing traffic between Cherry Lane Road and Amos Beach Road. No word on when the debri is expected to be cleared.

Lewiston announces street sweep schedule

The City of Lewiston's Street Maintenance Division has announced its 2014 Designated Street Sweeping Schedule.

The schedule was developed to provide residents with an opportunity once a year to know when street sweeping will occur in their neighborhood, so they can remove their cars from the roadway in advance of the sweeping operation.

Idaho considering raising speed limits

Idaho considering raising speed limits

If you feel the need for speed, you could soon be cruising the freeways in Idaho at 80 miles an hour, after the state senate has green lit a bill that could increase freeway speeds.

Idaho could join Texas and Utah as the only states to have speed limits of 80 mph or higher. If the bill passes the state legislature, freeway speeds would jump from 75 to 80 while state highway speeds would go from 65 to 70 mph.

Some drivers are giving the legislation a green light.

"I'm young, I can handle it, I have good reaction time, step it up to 90," Gary Hopkins said.

"I don't think it's going to change a whole lot, I think a lot of people are doing 80 anyway so let them do it," Justin Goldthorpe said.

Other drivers, however, want to put the brakes on the legislation.

"I don't think it's smart with the terrain around here, the winter conditions, I think you increase the speed, you increase the fatalities," Aaron Smith said.

"You are going to burn more gas, more fuel, more pollution," Mic Horrocks said.

The speed limit bill passed the Idaho Senate Tuesday in a 30-4 vote and now moves to the House for action.