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Photo Gallery | Clarkston Chicken Lays Egg With A Secret

Keri Wilson has seen a lot of weird things on her family’s farm Wilson Banner Ranch near Clarkston, but this is one incident she’ll never forget. While collecting her chicken’s eggs yesterday, they found a surprise - a rather large egg.

It was bigger than their duck’s egg and bigger than the peacocks. It was 7 inches around one way and 8 inches and 3/16th the other way.

“I called my parents to come down to the house. With an egg that big, the chicken can damage their insides. It’s the equivalent to giving birth to a basketball,” Wilson said over the phone with a cringe. After a quick inspection, Wilson said all the girls were in good health.

Wilson and her husband inspected the egg last night, cracking it open into a pan.

“What was in there?” Wilson asked as she pondered the strange behavior of her chickens that she described them as just little dinosaurs and not the lovely little creatures they have at the fair.

Much like a Russian nesting doll, they found an egg inside of an egg. The inner egg was partially formed, a soft shell with a standard yolk. Wilson says the inner egg probably wasn’t laid the other day and the outer egg formed around it.

“I’ve never seen an egg in an egg. Clearly from what I can tell, one of the girls probably was too busy to get back in and lay,” Wilson said. “They continue to surprise me and do odd things.”

“They’re roaming around right now, always up to antics. I think all windows should lead to where you can see chickens do stupid things,” Wilson quipped.

Because these chickens are truly free-range, all sorts of things can get into their diet. Wilson said one of her chickens caught a mouse and ate it just the other day. The feisty “Jungle Fowl” also chase the farm cats around. She says they’re tough.

What happened to the egg within an egg? The inner egg went to Stella, the Saint Bernard, who is currently recuperating from an altercation with a raccoon. Apparently it’s a tough life on the Wilson Banner Ranch.

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